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no tricks, just treats

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

i have literally dozens of shoots to blog, but i'm being selfish and posting ones of my lovies today. before school... and an hour before we co-hosted 30+ neighbors for a halloween street party. I had gumbo simmering on the stove, drinks cooling, but yes I find time to jet out the door to Kingwood high school to shoot these... i'm glad I did =)

I can think of a zillion other shots I would have gotten had i more than 12.5 minutes, but they did great and it captured the moment and that's all i have time for right now!

tonight we had a wonderful time with neighbors on our street.. here's a family pic right before the party so tomorrow, it's back to work - if you're checking for your pics, I promise I'm getting closer! only 15 more minutes of this halloween day, and i hope to be dreaming by the time november 1st rolls around - that means I better hop off of this computer! =)

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