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Officially BOOKED

SO, I officially am COMPLETELY booked for this season. I am sorry that I can't fit in everyone, but I've got so many items on my personal to-do list for the move, that it will be all I can do to see everyone that's already on my books. Please give Viviana a call if you're looking for someone with a similar style/temperment. Her info is on the HEARTSPUN button at the top, or you can find her here. ** If you click on the "Chubbyfoot is Moving" button, you'll be able to follow my personal posts about our relocation to Brussels. OR you can just keep reading and enjoying all the posts that will be coming with the beautiful families I have to share before I leave! Without further ado, some of those families that have waited TOO long for their blog posts! I'll do minis today! First up the Woo family, who this may have been the 7th year I've seen them! Boo hoo :( Too cute as always!

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