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oh, just Indonesia for the day :)

So, perhaps you've kept up wtih our late winter Asian adventure on the blog.. first to Boracay, then Singapore (here and here), and now a fun little stamp in my passport to a new country for me: Indonesia. An expat friend in Singapore suggested it and I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend an entire day at the spa, when i could be hiking/touring, etc.. well, after 3 full days of walking in Singapore, I recanted and she hooked me UP! 3 hours of fantastic treatments, followed by a delicious lunch with a bottle of chilled white wine. It was definiltey a fantastic experience and the perfect end to our Asian adventure. In case you're headed to Singapore anytime soon.. the place is called Tempat Senang Resort, Spa and Restaurant. You can sign up for a d1/2 day, full day, or stay the night (Or week). It's just a quick ferry ride away!

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