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ok, so it really wasn’t their birthday

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

here's some pics from the kids' birthday party a couple of weeks ago. So, no, it really wasn't their birthday. They're sandwiched in between Thanksgiving and Christmas - my busiest season - and of course they can't have a swimming party that time of year, so we just defied tradition and had a "Back to School" Swimming birthday bash just for fun =) The only problem was that it a couple of days for them to realize that they really weren't 6 and 4 yet! this was the pic i used for their invitation... ("come take one last dip in the pool before we start back to school..") and a couple more just b/c they're so cute =)

and on the day of the party... (notice the fun banner behind them that my uber-talented friend, Casey made for them!) the cousins got to come! the goodie bags and singing happy birthday.. (just 3 months early!) so they had a blast and I'm glad they got to have a swimming party once in their life.. just wish me luck in Nov and Dec when I have to remind they've already had their birthday party!! thanks for looking -

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