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on a rainy day

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I actually love these rainy days (except when shoots get canceled b/c of them)... but yesterday and today my plans were to sit my behind at my computer ALL day and work on pics, so the rain makes me feel better about not being outside! In honor of the gloom, here's some sunny, bright pics to share from this summer! Here's the Klinowski girls in Gulf Shores i love this action shot and this one with dad and the whole gang I loved the beach pics this summer and am already planning next years. Will you let you know asap when I get a date on the calendar and maybe you can meet me there! next up was my first shoot in my pool! Alice needed some pics for a project. She's starting a website for pregnant moms to stay fit during pregnancy. She did a great job during her first and now is commited to a healthy lifestyle for her second as well.

And a final session to share... sisters.. and their cousin (who should be a big sis by now!)

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