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one and two

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

had the pleasure of photographing some cutie pies recently that i'd love to share.

first is noah and aiden and they came from Richmond! There's always a little added pressure for me when clients travel so far - you can imagine that travling an hour+ in the car might not be the most conducive to picture taking, but 99.5% of the time, we do great - and such was the case last week!

And once again, I really need to get in touch with a modeling agency b/c of all these cute kids that keep showing up! Any one have any leads to send all these proud mamas to!?

two brothers -

then there's madelyn. this little princess turns one this week. what a treat to take her special one year portraits! you should hear about her birthday party.. maybe we'll read about it in some magazine =)

happy birthday, mady!

good night all..

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