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oohs and aahs in Oslo

I'm sorry about my slow blogging. My goal is always to finish blogging a trip before we go on a new one and I'm now 6 days away from our next adventure so I need to get on the ball! I've got about 5 or 6 more full days of the cruise to post, so that means a blog post every day! We'll see how that goes! Today I get to recall our experience in Oslo. I think I appreciate it more as I look back at the photos. I knew going into it that the famous "Norweigen fjords" are not really in this part of Norway.. so I think my expectations were low. I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the Oslo fjord (techincally a fjord, but not quite as majestic as the ones in the west) but also what we were able to visit there: the Nobel Peace Center, the amazing Vigeland scuplture park, their colorful art neuveau town hall, and the kid's first visit to see a real Viking ship! It was quite the introduction to Norway and only made us want to spend more time there. So we did get to check it "off the list", but added it back to the list!? I'm going the wrong direction on my bucket list!! haha First up: cruising the Oslo fjord.

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