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Ostia Antica {Roman Ruins part 1}

last April, we took a quick trip with visiting family to Italy. We decided to fly into Rome to meet them, visit the ancient site of Ostia Antica, and then head to Amalfi. It was a rainy day, but still worth braving the elements to walk on ancient streets some 2400 years old!? Ostia was a suburb of Rome and originally a port city that once had 100,000 inhabitants. Once the port silted up, it fell into ruins, became a ghost town and was literally buried in mud for a couple millennia. Next to Pompeii, it's onc of the best preserved ancient Roman sites in all of Italy! Thanks to the Roman Mysteries series, by Caroline Lawrence, my kids knew a LOT about Ostia and that time frame in general. They both would highly recommend the series to your young readers and they came in especially handy on our trips to ancient Roman sites. I feel like I need to warn you about our fashion choices below.. it seems that we all only own red and orange raincoats/umbrellas for some reason?? haha.. Enjoy and check back for the more of last Italian adventure in the posts that follow..

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