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our great Norman conquest, and the diesel debackle ;)

So we left Paris early Thusday morning and headed strait for Caen, France, which has an incredible WWII museum. Some of it was hard to take, but I was thankful we were there with the kids to help explain and provide clarity when we could. My history loving boy was asking 100 questions a minute, while Miss C quietly took it in and held my hand tightly. From there, we checked into our hotel in Bayeux, France, which is home to a completely different kind of history: William the Conqueror, circa 1066. Bayeux boasts a fantastic cathedral as well as the Bayeux Tapestry, believed to be from around the 1070s, which chronocled Williams defeat of England. It's now housed in a museum and we were able to view it and hear the story behind all the scenes. Amazing that it's survived that long!

I forgot my camera. :( So I have one shot to share from my iphone. Enjoy and please add it your bucket list! Despite the gloomy cold and rain, no camera, crazy self-induced car drama, it was a spectacular adventure and worth all the hoopla.

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