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our new pet =)

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

April Fools =) AS IF!? I mean, I could hardly edit this dang picture, much less own the thing! ha ha.. thanks to our friend Hunter for having a safari party, complete with a reptile show for the photo op. But we have had a reptile theme to our March for some awful reason. And usually little sis is the brave one; first to touch if she can. First off was a camping trip to Huntsville SP. Just the 4 of us, some very chilly weather, s'mores and baby alligators! I LOVE the expression on his face on this one. This is more like our sweet, cautious K. a park ranger did a great presentation on alligators that we all enjoyed. Next, Dad went on a bikeride, so the kids and I played around a little. It was a beautiful day, but a little chilly as you can tell by our layers!

then we all went for a bike ride. here's a favorite of my big boy riding over a swamp on 2 wheels. I must say I was a little nervous! and miss priss being silly on a very tall old-school slide. last but not least, we rounded our trip out with a canoe ride. so if you're keeping score, you've noticed baby alligators and big snakes. Brazos Bend over the Easter break was really where we hit the jackpot (insert sarcastic inflection here) She petted this guy for at least 10 minutes. then we saw about 20 of these on our bikeride!? often times just a few feet away! Brazos Bend is actually a pretty park that reminds us a lot of Louisiana. Lots of big oak trees with Spanish moss... (and gators!) I love this pic of the cousins under the oaks. while I'm on a roll, here's a few more pics to round out our Spring Break. We went to Dallas to visit my friend Silla and her kids and had a nice amphibian-free visit. We hung around the house some and let the kids run amuck, but also got out to see a movie, play in a crazy indoor playground called "going bonkers" and finally.. took them all to Six Flags! our artisitic, fashion and princess loving girls hit it off. and the boys bonded over star wars and roller coasters! I'm a little sad I didn't get someone to snatch a pic of Silla and I, but at least we got to snap each other's pics with our little people.

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