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outside of the box

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

here's some families that had fun with me thinking outside of the box. this is one of my favorite shots all summer. who would have thought we were in Houston!? (well, Lake Conroe to be exact) the wallingfords are always a joy to photograph and this was an especially fun session there was a new addition this year! dad and little "a" and walking on the docks. Maybe next time, we'll take some pics ON the boat! =) speaking of super-fun sessions.. this one was a blast. Lisa called me to photograph her 30th bday with her book club. don't I have the coolest job?!

you may recognize miss ellis. This was my first time to visit her home.. and I was truly inspired (I even took pics of her house just for ideas for ME!) well, she has someone new to show off..little beckett time for his closeup with a few of his favorite pals and a final fave.. and one last treat for you. Miss Alexandra invited me into her beautiful home a couple of months ago. we hit it off =) then we hit the bubbles!

thanks for looking! I hope a few of these inspire you to step outside of the box and photograph life around you.

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