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over the pond we go..

So I left you at our Texas adventures, leading up to early December. The movers came Dec 5th (this was their 3rd time to be scheduled), and we happily let them pack away! Kids still weren't in school, because we were just waiting on the visa to arrive in the mail and didn't know when our flight would be. So we cleaned up the house, said goodbye, and headed to Louisiana to wait out the rest. Kids had a great time with grandparents and cousins (and aunts ;) and Danny and I even got to sneak away to New Orleans for a night of celebration. We finally had word that our Visa was in the mail and our flight was being booked! Whoohoo! So We visited until the last possible minute and both our parents took us to the airport Sunday morning Dec 11th. Here's some pics from that morning. We were allowed 4 bags each, so that's 16 bags on that carrier! I turned the pic to black and white so you couldn't see my hodgepodge of luggage. I mean, who has 16 matching bags!? haha..

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