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paris in a day.. and by iphone :)

you know you've lived in Europe for a while when you 1. decide you can go to Paris just for the day, and 2. and all you need is your phone, a wallet and an expandable Longchamp :) Living less than 90 minutes from Paris by train (3 hours by car), is a definite perk to living in Brussels. We've been a couple of times since we've moved, but I'd yet to take the train. So when my Texas friend T, booked her trip to visit me (and it was her first time to Europe), I knew we had to visit Paris and the train was calling our name! We just took our purses (no big guide books or professional cameras allowed!) and we saw the city as semi-locals for the day. It was a fantastic time, as you can imagine, as we shopped till we dropped, nibbled and sipped, and finally met up with my friend Laure for the last few hours. Laure helped us navigate the "French pharmacy", which my friend had researched and had a list of items to take back across the pond, led us to her favorite macaroon shop, and even met us for dinner at her hubby's restaurant in the Bastille area for an amazing end of our day. These 2 Texas moms were having the time of our lives, you better believe, and i can't imagine a more perfect day. Of course it wasn't long enough- we didn't see the inside of one cathedral or museum- but we giggled and chatted and trotted and were so thankful for our carefree day.. and to Laure, for adding to the Parisian experience! So, don't be dissappointed in the quality of these photos.. they were snapped happily without a care about aperature or shutter speed! :)

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