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poignant poland {part 2}

Day 2 of our little Polish adventure. ** Disclaimer: Just so you know, I'm not endorsing 2 days in such a fantastic city. (or any of these cities that we've breezed thru). If we had infinite vacation time (and funds) then we'd happily stay much longer at many of our stops. But the fact is that we possibly will only be here for 2 years - meaning my time here is possibly HALF WAY DONE@!? - and being the ex-geography teacher/English and History major - am passionate about seeing as much as I can and exposing the kids to all the European charm and history that I can! If by some miracle, we get extended for a year or even 2 more, then we'll likely start slowing down and taking more time at each spot.. Another reason that it's been possible to hit so many countries in a short time is that the hubs and i had already seen a fair amount of Europe on previous trips.. so a weekend trip has been ok and about what the kids could take anyway.. SO.. with that said.. on to the rest of our Krakow adventure. On our 2nd day, we headed outside the city. First to the Unesco site, Wieliczka Salt Mine. It's been mined for hundreds of years and when i tell you there's a cathedral a few hundred feet carved below the surface, I'm telling you there's an actual cathedral 300 feet below the surface! haha.. Amazing carvings and sculptures and half the fun for the kids was the descent down the hundreds of stairs and the crickity elevator ride up. You'll have to ask them yourself about that! It was worth the trip and just interesting to do something new, yet laced with history. How often have we been in a salt mine where the chandeliers are made of salt crystals? well, never until now!

Bonus points for having the coolest ice cream cones at the salt mines! :)

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