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Pompeii {Roman Ruins Part 2}

"and the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love..." - imagine dragons Between the kids loving the Roman Mysteries books AND our love for Imagine Dragons, it was prime time for our family to visit Pompeii! This was an especially long time coming for one member of our family though.. yours truly ;) Have you figured out yet what a history geek I am? Did I mention somewhere that I was a history major? That, for my 11th birthday, I have a photo where I'm literally beaming with joy at my birthday present.. one of my all time favorites.. a world globe?? :) So visiting Pompeii was truly a dream that 11 year old me could have NEVER imagined would happen! Of course there were a few other must-sees on my list to Europe (smirk, smirk) but Pompeii was truly in the top 10 and I'd been waiting to work it in at the right time. Unlike our rainy day in Ostia, we had GORGEOUS blue skies and it truly was a treat for all of us. The icing on the cake was our amazing tour guide that made history come alive. * on a side note, I should tell you that I really became a believer in private guides while in Europe. I just found that we got so much more out of the experience if a local was passionately telling us stories and putting it all into context. I'd recommend budgeting private guides into your trips when you can.. with kids, but even without. ** side, side note. The first pic.. that looks so artsy fartsy with all the sky and vesuvius in the background is less to do with my keen artsy eye and more to do with the fact that UP was the only way to get a photo without a few thousand of my closest Italian friends :) So I'd advise you NOT to go on an Italian holiday like we did.. but if it's the only day you have in your tight schedule, heck yes you should do it and just keep that camera pointed up as much as possible :) SO.. for those of whose eyes are glazing over right now, I'll just get right to the pictures :) Enjoy!

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