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prayers for ashley ;)

Today is a big day in our family. My beautiful neice Ashley will recieve a bone marrow transplant thanks to my brave nephew, Alex. They are at St Jude's and are being well taken care of by the amazing staff there, but it's been a long road and she still has quite the road to recovery ahead of her. Ashley was diagnosed with apalastic anemia on March 13th. She bascially has hardly any white or red blood cells and has been recieving blood transfusions several times a week. There have been lots of side effects, and currently she's fighting a fungus but hopefully the tide will change when when she recieves new bone marrow later today, from her 12 yr old brother, Alex. So please pray for her and Alex! Also, her family as well (Which includes my own kiddos that are really sad to be so far away during this time) But if you only have time for one prayer, make it for them please! ;) Ok, on the to the good part. Some favorite pics from over the years. We love our cousins and I think you can tell! Beautiful Ashley

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