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Pretty Provence {Part 1}

Provence.. great food, culture, art, landscape, variety, wine, lavendar... sign me up! So when my dear friend, Silla, said she was coming for 2 weeks this past fall, we decided to explore Provence together and I'm so glad we did! I have to admit being a little intimated by this trip. It's not a normal city where there's 5 "must sees" to be checked off a list. It's more about the experience than checking off a lot of to-dos. It really was a perfect girls trip! I am SO grateful that one of my son's best friends family lives in Provence, and his mom was SO helpful in guiding me!! She steered me to a loop in southern Provence that would be feasible in 3-4 days, and I went with it! (As much as I LOVE Chateauneuf-de-Pape wine and would love to see Avignon, it will have to wait for a future trip.. maybe with the hubs later, or my friend April.. we'll see who wins! haha..) But for my nature and art loving friend, Silla, this little plan was THE bomb-diggity and I can't wait to share! ok, geography time :) Here's a large map of France and the region we visited..

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