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price clarification

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I'm sorry for not making myself clear on my rates. Here's the scoop. $200 Any weekday in Kingwood area for 4 people or less (+ $10 per add'l person, + $50 or more for travel) $250 any weekend (few specified Saturdays) or Sundays (so if I set up the Houston or Woodlands Saturday, it's $250) $100/hour travel fee outside of Kingwood area, which can be split by a group. Just not on Saturdays (I only plan to work 1 Saturday a month and I've already set those up) But if a group from Pearland wants me to come on a weekday or Sunday and they get 6 families together, I'll be willing to come and they can split the $200 travel fee.

I hope that helps some. The basic idea is that I'd rather not travel much, in order to spend more time with my own children. But I have a large greater Houston base that I'd like to accomodate if I can.

Here's some cute kids from recent shoots that all have beautiful eyes. If I ever do a coffee table book, I should certainly have a chapter on the eyes =) ...check out their photos on recent shoots at 7 weeks and already posing for the camera

does she know she's this cute?

one last post.. here's madison. all sweet and serene:

and then with those blue eyes wide open. It's fun to get both shots in one session. Rachel, I'll have these up soon for you! We got some good ones afterall =)

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