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psst…did you know?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I had someone call yesterday and she had NO idea that I was in Galveston this fall. No idea? Really? So here's a plug on my blog of the special spots I'll be hitting this fall. A few are filled or almost, so get in while you can! Click here for full schedule.

Houston: Oct 3, 4, 10, 18th Nov 15, ,24, 30 Cypress: Nov 8th, 25th Pearland: Nov 23rd Katy: Dec 6th Sofa in the Woods: *NEW* Oct 9th Woodlands: Oct 17th Galveston: Oct 11/12th

And a few pics to whet your whistle =)

and in the spirit of all things special and exciting, here's a few fabulous pics I took in the Heights recently. the craft family was ready for anything they were in from San Antonio and braved the heat for a little goofing around and beautiful mom - we snagged a few headshots in a funky chair outside of an antique shop!

ok Texas readers.. be safe this weekend and stay dry! thanks for looking =)

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