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puppy love

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

looking back at the four legged friends I've photographed this last year.. and their beautiful owners as well =) this picture made my heart skip a beat. I mean, how we got 3 kids AND 3 dogs looking fabulous is beyond me.. and I was there! claire, carter and cody (and their puppies) it was a little easier without the pups =)

next up, check out the adorable mccarthys and their baby.. loved meeting these little guys last fall... the hutchens family photo.. and their lovely parents one of my favorite shoots last year. The Kunecs probably think I'm kidding, but I'm totally not! Mostly because no one would sit still and I loved it! I mean, what better way to photograph a family than in the midst of the hoopla and chaos... it totally shows what stage they're in for now and there will be plenty more years of posed photos in their future. then we decided to add the dog to the mix.. he he.. one looking shot for good measure. and last but not least,the ward family. Proud mom and her "4" kids =)

the lovebirds the spoiled one

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