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remember these bellies?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

they were 3 weeks apart in due date, but ended up having their babies on the same day! And i got to meet them this week!

addison is the "older friend" - her mom and dad visited me this week and we captured some really sweet shots of her.

then, miss kelsey was born. I've known her mom for a while now and it's a privledge to know her and her sweet family. It's fun being the "family" photographer and seeing families grow and expand.

and let's not forget about her big sis!

in her room.. (which you know I jumped at the chance to do!)

and sharing a moment with mommy thanks ladies, for letting me into your lives this week. Be blessed and get some rest!

Last, but certainly not least is a new friend, dylan. she came out earlier this week and is such a cutie.. this was her mom's christening gown

and i love this shot.. something about the red necklace is striking.. and she's so cuddly snuggled up in mommy's arms.

thanks for bringing her out! I hope you love them =)

ok - that's all for now. Will have a couple of more baby girls to share in the coming days!

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