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road trippin' to Prague: 1st stop - Rothenburg

Rothenburg Ob der Tabour, Germany. It's a mouthful to say, but oh is it a gem of a little medieval German town. It was spared destruction during the World Wars and as a result, is quite the historic, beautiful walled city that has drawn tourists for many decades. I came on an earlier trip (pre kids) and loved it, but thought it was too far away to visit on our recent trips into Germany. But when we were planning on driving to Prague for our November break, we discovered that Rothenburg was on the way and it was a perfect place to break up the trip! (it's about 5 hours from Brussels.. then just about another 3.5 into Prague) Some of the highlights from our short stay in the quaint town: + fantastic wooden alter made in the 1500's at St Jacob's church + walking about 1/2 of the wall that surrounds the city + climbing the bell tower, especially the last 15 steps. It's not for the faint of heart! + having delicious apple cider and fresh dried apple chips (that I wish we'd bought way more of!) + getting in the Christmas spirit at the yearound Christmas stores + enjoying the fall colors that blanketed the trees and streets + fresh brats on the go And some photos to whet your whistle. :)

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