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Sailing Croatia {Split}

Considering that summer will be officially over for us one week from today, I guess it's high time I start blogging about our summer adventures! After such a cold winter and spring here in Belgium, we have been OVERDUE a fantastic summer and indeed, that's what it's been! The day school let out for summer, we boarded a plane (with a propeller!? When's the last time we did that? Umm.. never?!) with our Louisiana grandparents bound for Croatia! 10 days total; 6 of which would be on a 40' sail boat. Why sailing in Croatia you say? There were several reasons.. 1. We kept hearing amazing stories about sailing islands in general.. the Caribbean of course is a fave of many of our friends, but especially that sailling was THE WAY to see Croatia. 2. We went to Greece a few summers ago for our 15th anniversary, so that was kind of checked off our list (for now.. we would love to take the kids there before we leave if we can). 3. upping the adventure level: while we enjoyed the amazing stops on our cruise last year, it was confirmed that we're just not "cruise people" and we dreamed of having a much smaller, intimate and more adventurous experience on the water.. 4. Turns out my in-laws are HUGE "cruise people", love the water and all things related, so sailing around Croatia seemed like a perfect vacation for the 3 generations of water-loving Wheatleys! Here's a map just in case you aren't sure where Croatia even is :) I know you're out there, but I'm not judging! lol

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