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Sardinia {visiting an Italian island}

So our favorite Italian island thus far has been Sicily (not that we've visited that many! haha), so Sardinia had a tough act to follow in our minds. Add to the fact that we were there a little less than 48 hours last April AND it was chilly and rainy.. BUT it was my 40th birthday (eek!) and only our 2nd sans-kids trip of our 2.5 years in Europe, so we were going to have fun no matter what! Sardinia is know for some of Italy's best beaches, and perhaps one day we'll make it to them :) This trip, we stayed in the port city of Cagliari, drank wine and relaxed and saw ancient ruins and just enjoyed the laid back Italian vibe.. it's always a treat, since Italy is my FAVE. So, here's a little cloudy, weekend, birthday tour of Sardinia (with 2 of our favorite expat families)!

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