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seattle on my mind {Part 1}

After living out my dream of living and loving every inch I could of Europe, this past October, I decided Seattle was the perfect place to ease me back into travel and exploring again... {stateside}. We'd never been to the Pacfic Northwest before and it seemed to fit the bill of our favorite kinds of trips: varied. I love when a trip can both involve nature and culture or history and hiking or beach and a cliffside ruin or 2 :) Lots of our trips have fit that bill and Seattle was among the best. As I researched, I got more excited and knew it the perfect match. I hope to inspire you to add it to your list of places to visit and we would love to go back and explore more of the state in general. (the story of my life!) * Also note that there's a lack of offspring photos which means there's a lot more landscape/art photography. Yay for grandparents on the same continent! (thanks again!) {Part 1} We arrived in the afternoon and had dinner on the water...

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