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shopping/styling 101

It's been fun to hear from so many of you, and penciling you in on the calendar. With that, comes the dubious (for some) or exhilerating (for me!) task of what to wear!! I get TONS of requests for where I shop for kids clothing and I'm about to hook you UP! I wish there were pictures to go along with all these links, but it would take forever so just click and bookmark the ones that suit you. Clothing is a BIG part of pulling off a styled photo shoot, and especially for those of you who have been with me a while and want to step it up a notch, finding the perfect outfits will really help in achieving your looks. Here's a few examples I pulled from this past year that I wanted to share..

For a more jcrew/vintage/riding boots with flowy dresses/ruffles/understated look, here's some families I thought pull it off well: Ok, this first one isn't fair, bc mom's an architect turned teacher and should be the next martha stewart ;) But she's great at styling and the little newsboy caps really do make it fun. You can dress up boys!

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