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sick day{s}.. 3 and counting

Ok, maybe my post about us going anywhere in any weather was a bad idea! Turns out it was probably the nail in the coffin of my pre-disposed-to-chest-congestion/asthma princess, who's been suffering the consequences all week. To add insult to injury, the forecast is for clear BLUE skies for the next week.. but hardly getting above 20 degrees!? NOT good for the fragile lungs.. so we opened all the curtains and made the best of being homebound for our 3rd day in a row. I got to organize a little more, but spent time with my sweet girl as the "schedule" allowed ;) As you can see we're schedule people. The hubs came up with this one year, and I've used it ever since when there's a full day at home, either because of a sick day, work day for mom, etc.. We make the list together and some are with me, some are independent. We came up with 3 categories: 1. learning/work 2. fun 3. refresh

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