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my sweet friend, Silla, is like my Korean twin. We both have resisted the urge to be outnumbered by our offspring, we have an unhealthy relationship with fabric, we both have these gentle, musician, water-ski loving hubbies that make us look bad b/c they're such good dads, more unhealthy relationships with forever 21 and celebrity gossip, we both knew instantly that Kings of Leon sounded just like 1989 Russ Taft, the fact that we're the jack-of-all-trades and the master-of-none, and the list goes on... we actually do have lots of differences though. A few traits that I didn't get in the twin deal that I admire: her amazingly thick, lucious hair, her insane love for veggies and all things green (pass me a brownie!?), her ability to relax and chill, and the fact that she's a bonafide artist, to the core. Sure, I'm creative and all, but she's got a gift and it's such fun to be around her and soak up true creativity. =) So the first few days of spring break, the kids and I jetted over to Dallas to spend a few days with miss sillasoup and her crew. She's been having fun creating such yummy creations with fabric, that I think you'll enjoy seeing. These are just a few photos that I snapped, but you can find more of her creations at and at etsy. She's gearing up for show season, so make sure and check back b/c she'll be adding more!

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