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Singapore {color and culture}

A couple of months ago, I was fortunate to tag along with the hubby on a work trip to Singapore. I've always heard wonderful things about it and was not disappointed! It is kind of like Disney World for adults.. such great food, cultures, shopping, bulidings; clean and friendly.. and expensive. See! Told ya so! :) I took a gazillion photos but had to narrow it down a little, so this post will be about colorful and cultural Singapore. (and the next will be about green/serene Singapore.. it's not all concrete!) There are a lot of cultural inflluences in Singapore, some standing out on their own but others melding and meshing into a fun, hodgepodge of architecture, food and design that I've not seen before in my {limited} travels. Of course the US is a fantastic melting pot and southern and eastern Europe boasts fun mixes of cultures, but the Chinese/Indian/Arab/Malay/British mesh was a feast for the eyes and senses. My camera and I were in HEAVEN! So here's my photo jounal of the colorful and wonderful Singapore - I took 2 walking tours , which were great ways to see and learn about different sections of the city. Chinatown:

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