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six weeks

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I had the pleasure of meeting 2 six week olds this weekend. boy and girl. here's miss avery and her big brother, kirk. kirk, at just 18 months, is not too hip on avery's presence and tollerated her just enough to snap a few. but we tricked him long enough to get this:

and here's miss priss with mommy and a little more comfortable here by himself.. and one final favorite thanks, mom, for coming out to let me meet the babies. Hope you love them! (the photos that is..I'm pretty sure you love the babies!)

then, this is zane, his cousin Rylan, and their biggest fans! wel, I'm sure moms and dads are big fans too =) and here's zane in mom's arms and rylan doing what he does best!

thanks for braving the heat with me.. I think we did good dispite the 110% humidity, after a big rain!

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