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spring has sprung

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I've gotten lots of emails about spring/easter photos and I have 2 words for you: Mercer Arboretum. It's beautiful in the spring so I'd highly recommend it. I'll usually charge a travel fee for Mercer, but will waive it if I have 2 or more appts booked there on any given day. So email me a date and I'll try and gather another appt or 2.

And because I love cute kids in their easter attire so much, I thought I'd do something special. Depending on the response, I'll consider opening another date, but I've decided to do 2 days of "Bloom Sessions" at Mercer on Thursday March 29nd, as well as Friday April 13th. Sessions will be 25-30 minutes and will be limited to children only. (no families) session fee is $200.

Email or call asap as these will likely fill fast.

Now let's get to the beautiful families I've photographed the last couple of weeks! thanks to kristen for being such a beautiful mom-to-be. She graces my title banner and makes me look good. =) will have baby pictures next month to share!

and here's miss leslie at just 6 months. She's modeled my new funky french backdrop for me. (more fun studio changes to come!)

i love this candid of the donnellys - they were a pleasure to meet and photograph..

and another moment i loved between mom and her big girl

and a special thanks to the doans for sending me all kinds of clients, including the ones above! Here's the big boy, one day shy of his 2nd bday, playing with his 2 grandads. and his sis and grandma and sweet cousin all the way from arizona! we didn't get the million dollar shot of all 4 of them smiling eagerly, but i promised mom that it would be easier in years to come! thanks, alex =)

and how cute are these girlies? turns out this mom graduated the same year from the same high school as my husband in baton rouge.. small world huh? especially for us louisianians =)

and for a few personal pics: here's the floor in my office right now. just some of the 892 pics I ordered last week from online?! and that's about half of last year. As much as I'd love to scrapbook, I just don't have the time right now, so here's my ultimate goal: i got these books/pages from . they hold 6 pics to a page (12 front and back) and I journal and print a 4x6 card to insert every subject change. I hope you can see it well when you click on it. So..i still have to put them all in the book, then comes the task of journaling for 4 years!?

you'd think I'd quit taking pictures for a while to catch up right?! WRONG.. not when i have the cutest kids ever doing cute things! took my mom to the azalea trail last week, and the kids tagged along. They were the talk of all the gardening ladies that day as you can imagine =) honestly I wasn't taking a lot of photos that day, so we could enjoy the afternoon.. but I would love to get back to Bayou Bend in the next couple of weeks if I can for some serious picture taking! funny grins one hug for the camera

we do it this way every year... get there about 3 or 4pm and do the carnival no lines at that time!)/livestock show and dinner, then see the rodeo and concert. Since it was Sheryl Crow, we made them endure to the bitter end! it was pretty easy for Klein, since we got him this: you would have thought we gave him a million dollars. he'd just break out into his combat mode at any given moment, no posing necessary: and sis got a new hat =) and i loved the art boots this year. the cows were fun in the past, but the boots are neat too. oh, and we did the rides too..thanks for looking =) will have more to share soon.

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