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St Emilion and Bordeaux {wine & gastronomy with kids}

Welcome back! So, hopefully you've read about our adventures in the Dordogne already. If you need to get caught up, click here and here. The Dordogne portion of our week was just the kids and I andon Friday morning, we picked up Dad at the Bergerac airport and drove the 1.25 hours west to St Emilion. Actually, we checked into our room for the night in nearby Saint-John de Blaignac, in the Chateau de Courtebotte which we would HIGHLY recommend! We had an amazing suite, and the hostess was most helpful in arranging our vineyard tour and beyond. There's a pool and amazing grounds which would be so fun for summer.. please stay there if you're in the area! *This region is also known for it's food. Fois Gras, pates, souflees and sauces.. it's all a culinary dream and my foodie family was in heaven. We took the kids to Auberge St John for their first multi-course French meal and they were champs, cleaning their plates with ease. The bar has been set pretty high for these two.. I hope they can find partners later in life that will be adventurous eaters with them! Here's the map of Dordogne that I've used previously, but now with an arrow to denote Bordeaux. As you can see, it's on the western-most part of the region..

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