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sweet good-byes {au revoir}

I must say moving with school aged children is catching me a little off guard. While we are so excited about the adventure ahead of us - and have basically brainwashed our children to be too! haha - I'm feeling a little more pain about this move abroud thanks to the fantastic friends that have surrounded us here in houston/kingwood. The kids have never known another home and it really is becoming hard to leave all that we know and love here. We've had some fun going aways with our friends, but of course there are much more photos of the kids so I thought I'd share them with you. first up is my (almost) 10 year old. He waxes poetic about his life here in Kingwood and can tell you the story of how his best friend used to live on the same street and they've been friends since they were 6 months old! We've both since moved within Kingwood, but the bond is forever. Another sweet friend was at the old age of 1 at the time, and he rounds out the threesome. I blew up the photo below and had them hold it for me to show how they've grown. I imagine they will be groomsmen in his wedding and we'll show the photos all over again ;)

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