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Switzerland Surprises {Part 1}

This past August (I know, I know.. 4 months ago almost!?) we headed to Switzerland for a summer adventure. It's been on our list for some time, but we finally were able to fit it in and I must say it was a definite family fave (Do I say that all the time!?).. Part of the reason it's taken me so long to blog about it is that i've been somewhat overwhelemed with the amount of photos I took on this trip. The scenery was just insane and like Croatia earlier this summer, it's been almost impossible to narrow it down! But i'm doing my best and am happy to finally share some trip pics with you.. hopefully it inspires you to put in your list if you haven't already! And PLEASE if you go, stay in Grimmelwald. We parked our car for the week down at Lauterbaunen and took the cable cars up and down the mountain. Crazy fun and fantastic. Here goes!

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