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Switzerland Surprises {Part 2}

I hope your holidays were full of family, warmth, love and adventure. Ours certainly was as we traveled to the States for 3 weeks (which MIGHT explain my blogging hiatus), stocking up on lots of hugs, good food, and fun times with family and friends. Can you guess what my New Years Resolution is?? To actually blog the rest of 2013 before the end of 2014!? Bonus points if I do it before , say, March 1. Good goal don't you think? We actually have a little break in travel for the next couple of months as we "hunker down" for the dark, cool months and devote most weekends to kids' activities.. so I should be able to catch up on blogging and plan our travels for spring and hopefully early summer. So without further ado.. let's put a dent in Switzerland already!? :) Day 2 included a visit to Mt. Schilthorn, which is one of the highest peaks in Switzerland, but even better, it has an incredible view of the big 3: Junfrau, Monch and Eiger. It also was the location for the 1967 Bond movie, "On Her Magesty's Secret Service", so that was an extra dose of fun at the top. We then took a cable car down one stop and hiked the rest of the way down back to our village. What an amazing day with friends!!

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