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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I'll post just a few at a time and see how that goes. So, I was saying that I have a "to be blogged" folder and it has 155 pics in it from the past few weeks! Let me see if i can put a dent in that number! First off is the Putziers. They donated a signed football and jersey that raised $4700 at Addi's silent auction last weekend. Isn't that amazing!? All because Jaclyn read about it in this blog (the same one that just crashed on me.. so I'll guess I'll forgive it and move on.. ha ha) dad gets a lot of attention on the field, but the real putzier scene stealer is quite a bit smaller!

thanks you guys for having fun with me. also at the Wortham was the Harper family, now 5 strong. I love this shot with the lush green and stone wall.. and a little more playful shot.. I was going to say realistic, but if that were the case, mom would be folding laundry in the background and dad putting batteries in toys or something like that!? and finally, the garners who I've seen a few times before. Little miss "a" is growing up so fast and was even cuter than I remembered her to be.

and remember this belly! miss leah arrived - another before and after.. and i love what's in dad's pocket the 2nd time around and a close up and a very fun nursing blanket that I couldn't resist

happy holidays you guys! thanks for allowing me to document this time in your lives. ok, I'll close at that. Have a lot more to share, so check back!

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