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that last glance

I could have biked the kids to school in Texas. It would have been too far of a walk really, but we could have biked easily. But I was always in a rush. Shoots to get to, shoots to edit, work to do before I could meet friends for lunch, house to clean, etc.. For the last 8-9 years, my life has been about maximum efficiency. Taking the time to ride the bikes to school was not the most efficient way, so we didn't do it. And if I could carpool.. even better! I don't have regrets about our former life. We have many great memories and relationships from living life with others. The carpools were lively and fun, my work was extremely rewarding, the activities were enriching... but... What a difference the move across the pond has made! We've certainly slowed down.. for now ;) And it's nice. There's no carpool to and from dance and swim. I get lots more kisses and great conversation when it's just us. We now are just a 7 minute walk to school and most days I wish it were longer.

We observe. We listen. We share stories. We laugh. One of my favorite days are Monday and Wednesday mornings when K is at swim and Miss C and I have the walk alone. She's such a little sponge and enjoys the time alone with me. She asks questions, squeezes my hand tightly, and at the top of the steps at the final ascent to school, she has this sweet habit of looking back until the last possible second where it's no longer possible. I make sure and stay and savor that glance. Because I can. And some days I fight back the tears. Happy tears of gratefulness that I've been able to observe. to listen. to share stories. to laugh. to savor and soak up this sweet time in our lives.

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