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the boe' family in brussels!

I've been blessed with many great friends, but my longest standing (I dare not say oldest! haha) is my sister from another mother, since we were juniors in highschool. Of course, it's a little difficult having a best friend that's so beautiful, but it's a burden I happily bear, seeing that she's the kindest, most precious and caring soul I know. ;) AND she gets total bff bonus points, because she was my first friend that trekked across the globe to visit me!! Our kids have a blast together and it makes traveling together all the more sweeter. I've got many fun pics to share from her visit, but I thought I'd share these first. A little photo session one night as we walked from our house down a few blocks to our favorite corner Italian place: Ciccio Bello. Such a fun evening, a memorable week.. trying not to be sad that it's over, but happy because it happened! (dr Seuss)

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