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the Brussels comic mural walk: part 1

Belgium is known for it's comic book fame.. TinTin and the smurfs were created here, as well as many others. There's a museum (which we'll get to in Part 2), and murals painted on empty sides of buildings around the inside of the city. I'd read about this and even picked up a map on a previous trip to the center of Brussels. You'll see some of these murals here and there on sides of buildings, but to actually take a purposeful walk to see them all in one afternoon is quite the experience! I'm naming this Part 1 because we only saw about half, so I'll have to add the rest of our tour on another day. We walked to some of this, then hopped in the car for another 5-6. It was fun! We stopped for lunch at the Comic Cafe in the Sablon. I'd read that Stephen Spielburg had lunched here at the premier of TinTin and had a great burger, so we had to try it out! Sure enough.. it was a great burger for European standards ;) So, sit back and enjoy our little comic book mural tour around Brussels!

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