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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I don't get as many families this time of year.. you know.. everyone took them in Oct - December?! But I've taken a few recently that I'd like to share.

I do actually take photos of people over 2! this family was fun to photograph - and these photos were extra special b/c dad is going to Iraq soon. thanks daniel fam for being so handsome (and beautiful, mom!)

and here's a brand new family I had the pleasure of photographing outside. baby lizzie was just 2 weeks and was a trooper! thanks, mom, for letting us be creative. dad likes to surf and the baby showed up in a yellow onesie with a palm tree.. who'd have know that our last minute location change involved palm trees, perfect for the occasion!

the following cuties win the prize for easiest family to photograph with 3 children! the kids just grinned and loved on their parents.. made my job so easy =)

I love how these parents are adoring their sweet boy. of course, every parent I see has this same expression.. and it's just up to me catch it at the right time. happy birthday Jake!

another handsome fella and his sweet parents at mercer.

and here's a few of my favorites from the bloom sessions to share. I'll do them again next year if you missed them. It was just plain fun to play dress up and photograph cute kids in flowers all day!

and finally, a couple of photos to share of our new toy =)

thanks for looking!

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