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the fraternity of bungalows

I remember this professor in college showing us a slideshow (yes, people.. I went to college in the 90s.. it was old school projection equipment with the loud fan and everything) of a trip he'd made to Europe in the '70s. I distinctly remember being a little aggravated that he hadn't been more recently. I mean, how could he really tell us about this stuff when his info was 20 years old? Well, fast forward a few years and a couple of trips to Europe later and sure enough, every one of his slides were exactly the way things were. I mean, 20 years is just a blip in the larger picture, esp in Europe. But what I felt more was this sense of awareness that I belonged to this club; a fraternity of sorts that transends time. Be it grandmother or hostel-hopping backpacker, you understand and can appreciate the wonders of it all.. I guess that can be said for a lot of experiences in life.. running a marathon, being an only child, or one of many, parenthood...

So, this brings me to a favorite time in my life.. our 1920's bugalow life in the Heights. And as time passes and I become more suburban than urban (uggh), I relish the opportunity to get back any chance I get. And sooner than later, I'll be like that old professor, boring my sweet young clients with stories of "when I lived on Pecore"... but maybe they'll humor me and realize we're part of a shared experience and we're bound by our bungalows past and present =)

and now to the real stars of today's show.. the countryman family. I so enjoyed seeing all the hard work they'd done on their house and playing with sweet "m". Perhaps we'll meet again when #2 arrives later in the year. thanks and enjoy!

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