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the last 992 pics of ’06

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I just finished photographing 2 large families this morning (taking 992 pictures!) and now it's time to go spend time with my own! The car is packed with all kinds of prizes and goodies, among them our kids' clothes for 5 extra days while we jet to Vegas for a much needed getaway. =)

I get to be a little mushy and say THANK YOU so much for entrusting me this year to photograph your loved ones. I've had a blast, although I'm thouroughly exhausted, and hope to keep getting better and providing you with creative, intimate photographs that you'll treasure forever. In case you haven't noticed, I am giving myself a raise in 2007. I went to a photography conference in Chicago this fall and was almost lynched for my rates. (especially considering I give the cd) I've always wanted to be afordable and I still believe that my new rates are a bargain for custom, creative photography. Another side is that time away from my own kids is more and more precious, and I've been undervaluing the enormous time spent at the computer long before and after the actual 45 minute shoot.. all that to say, I'm sorry if the new rates are out of reach for some. But I hope I make it into the budget at least once a year or so. It truly is an honor to see your families grow! Ok.. Daddy's home and the kids are itching to go! take care and have a WONDERFUL Christmas and a happy new year! ps.. Geaux Tigers at the Sugar Bowl!

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