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the {middle} schooler

My baby is in middle school. I'm mostly ok with that. She was ready at 2 to be 7; at 11, she's pushing 17. But still.. she is my baby. That vivacious toe-headed little ray of sunshine is raiding my closet, texting with friends and staying up past 9 doing math or practicing her bass. But she also breaks out in spontaneous dance and song, snuggles with her puppy, talks giddily with her maemae in mississippi and farts like a man :) She's in the middle. And I love it.. and her. She has a brother. And I love him too, I promise. Just so happened that he was on the boat with friends the morning that she got to steal away with me for this shoot in the new loft space that I'll be frequenting this winter. In fact, I'll be there this weekend again for Annie promo pics. Turns out my girl will grace the stage as a BLOND ANNIE in just 2.5 weeks for CYTHOUSTON's Annie Jr! So check the link if you'd like to come and see the show. You might remember when my kids did Beauty and the Beast last spring (which was fantastic). We'd love to see you there! So check back for pics from the Annie cast AND more shoots from the loft!

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