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The Orange Show

I lived in Houston for 12 years and had never been. When I read about it, it was always kind of vague about what it actually was.. is it a collection of orange things, like in a museum? The words ecclectic and unique always preceded it. ;) Then I took the kids on an art tour last fall and when I walked up i KNEW this would be a blast to photograph! We did our own family pics there last fall and I've started doing sessions there this year. (*photogs, you need to call before you go and a per-family donation is requested) I do expect to see this location popping up around more photo blogs, but I'm happy to do my part in providing cool locations to the art-loving public. haha Feel free to find any new cool spots and send them my way as well! SO.. instead of telling you WHAT it is, I'll just show you. First set today, and more to follow tomorrow. Enjoy! First up, the Anthony fam. Met this family when big brother was tiny.. maybe in utero?? So fun to see them grow!

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