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the prize

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

sorry for the delay in posts.. this is the culprit =)

happy packages are going out to all my families!

I'm having a blast seeing everyone this year. The kids are growing so much and it's always a fun reunion. And nice to meet some new families too! here's a precious email that recently graced my inbox.. thought I'd share.. "Mackenzie - You are amazing! I know I say that every time, but seriously!!! Ithink the pictures you take of our kids are the most special thing I own, and I'm very blessed by your talent!! Thank you a million times.. You made my day.. Week.. month... " RH =)

see?? How can I not love my job??

Ok, so all sappiness aside.. on to the christmas card contest! I'll wait until January when everyone has had a chance to enter, and I'll post everyone's on the blog and give you a chance to vote. Winner gets a custom book showcasing the photos from your session, created by me! here's an example of one I created from our Greece trip this summer..

and while I was at the williams' home last month, mom had this set out for the holidays from our session last year (which really prompted the idea for the prize!)

so, happy card making and holiday season! Hopefully I'll be back to check in before then!

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