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The Romantic Rhine: {Traveling with kids in Germany}

According to the "book of Rick", which our B&B hostess, Fatima, adorably called the Rick Steves book that sends hoards of vistitors to her door, Bacharch is the quintessential German town that you imagined. Medieval castle on a hill: check. Romantic river down below, check. Gingerbread houses galore: check. Fresh spring flowers in window boxes: yep. I also had the luxury of my very orangized friend, Staci, sending me her spreadsheet !(yes, she's an engineer) ;) that detailed a similar trip last year. Basically, it gets you to the pretty part of the Rhine with castles galore, all within 3-3.5 hours of Brussels! A perfect 3 day little adventure. First up are some of my faves from Bacharach itself. Charming little town. The castle on the top of the hill is actually a youth hostel that might be worth checking into. It had a fantastic view and was really laid back atmostphere. How cool would it to be for the kids to stay in a castle? On the wishlist.That keeps growing, not getting smaller!?

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