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The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

I still have a couple of days left to share with you about Istanbul, but I thought I'd post about my visit to the Royal Greenhouses, as they are open for just another week (until May 6th I believe). A gardener's paradise, in an Art Nouveau beauty of a building, alongside a nice summer castle. Not a bad way to spend an hour or 2 in Brussels! Thanks to my friends Colleen and Amy for the invite, and thanks to the king for sharing his greenhouses with the public ;) I'm always up for a new adventure! The weather has been typically Belgian the last couple of weeks, so no blue skies to wow you with in these photos. I was just happy that we missed the rain so we could enjoy the outside section of the gardens. It started sprinkling as soon as we got in the car and rained most of the rest of the afternoon!

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