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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

ay! It's official. One month from tomorrow we'll have a moving truck outside and heading on down the road. The new house is about half a mile away, so we're not going far!

The new house has everything on my checklist: 3 car garage, pool, cul-de-sac, greenbelt, and a few other neat things. Turns out it's not the fixer-upper, but has already been outfitted and ready to move in. So although we've great pride in renovating this house, I must admit it's nice to move into one that's mostly redone. Of course, many more pictures to come!

well.. I really need to post pictures - but Typepad is acting up and won't let me upload anymore. Do you think I'm at my limit!? Will be back soon. I'm furiously catching up on pics from the last 2 weeks while keeping an eye on the 5 kids at my house all week!?

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