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the way I figure it, we have 2 choices:

1. Stay indoors and hibernate until the grey, chilly weather has passed.. OR 2. Hit the ground running, since our time here is limited and if we wait around for blue skies, we may never see anything!? Guess which one I will choose? #2 all the time ;) SO, we celebrated being {mostly} settled in the house, by going on a road trip with my favorite Brussels family, who are soon to be my favorite Prague family :( Yay for visiting them in Prague... boo for no more soup lunch dates and weekend adventure trips. They've lived here for 18 months and have done a lot of the local fun day trips: Ghent, Brugge, Amsterdam, Antwerp.. so we decided to go somewhere they haven't been and headed for Luxembourg! I'd been briefly YEARS ago, and remembered absolutely nada, so it was like my first time too. It's a lovely little country, with a medieval wall and old village by the river that is actually on the Unesco Wolrd Heritage List. It would have been lovely to have gone in the summer when everything is lush and green, and perhaps we'll be able to return on our way to other regions in the future. But we certainly enjoyed our day, especially with friends.. so here's some of my faves from our adventure TODAY. Yes, folks, my sweet friend Jenn already has her pics on Facebook and I've been working furiously since we got home an hour ago to get these up as my little gift to her. A warm smile and conversatation is food for the soul, and I've so appreciated her Texas warmth in my life. She will sorely be missed!! And thanks so much, Jenn, for allowing ME to be behind the camera with my own family! So without further ado... Luxembourg!

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