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these are a few of my favorite things

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

or sites, or blogs... tara whitney - i want to be her when I grow up! her style is fresh and hip and i love everything she does. jessica claire - another of my favorites. she shoots weddings, but i still check her blog daily and am inspired by her creativity and use of color. you'll love it. tutus! - this one is a petticoat that I saw on another photographer's site and searched for weeks until my friend Ellen, guided me to it. Thanks! I have one on order, so you should see my little blondie sporting it soon!** How about $20 off a session for the first client of mine that comes in with this tutu that will pay for about half)??! That's how much I love it and am DYING to photograph a little ballerina in it! design sponge - my uber talented friend, Silla, turned me on to this site. all things design related.. lots of fabrics and fun papers..

will add to the list later, but for now, how about some favorites from this week? meet the grabners: next year, there will be FIVE to chase and squeek my horn at =) big boys this may be my favorite action shot all year.. I mean, parents do this all the time, but he is getting some air! thanks grabners, and hope to see you all next year! (or when that baby is born!)

and here's miss jenna i met her last month, and this time dad came along for the ride. her special quilt that grandma made up close, so you can see those baby blues -

it was a pleasure. miss jenna. tell your mommy the pics are going in the mail tomorrow (Saturday) and hopefully the us mail will come through for us this time!

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